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We offer you a sip of only the best Quali-Tea

Mayukh houses a close-knit team of tea experts that thoroughly examines and individually tastes every invoice of tea prior to being presented to you. We try to stay in-tune with the natural growth of tea bushes and select harvests that have been plucked sensitively without hampering the bushes or the surrounding environment. We procure our tea freshly made straight from the gardens and make sure to immediately seal them in our special vacuum sealing packs prior to shipping.

Health Benefits of Chamomile Green Tea

Helps in Relaxation:

Consuming Chamomile Green Tea helps to cure insomnia. Drink it before bed and it will give you a very good sleep. Also, it can fix the common cold that makes you ill.

Treats Diabetes:

Maybe Chamomile Green Tea is not a feasible substitute of the medications of Diabetes but the consumption can help to assist the ongoing treatments. It reduces the level of blood sugar in diabetic patients.

Reduces Menstrual Pain:

A study in 2010 proved that drinking Chamomile Green Tea for a month can reduce menstrual pain and also helps women to get over mental anxiety during the period.

Cures the Skin Problems:

People with mild skin problems can be treated with this potion. Chamomile Green Tea can treat eczema and other mild skin issues up to some extent.

Our Story

Mayukh started off in 2007 in the heart of Darjeeling town itself. Our idea was to create a cozy corner where people could not only buy the freshest tea straight from the gardens, but experience and understand the history, chemistry, and culture behind Darjeeling tea. The Mayukh website is our effort to open up this cozy corner a little bit more to welcome you into the world of authentic Darjeeling tea and its people.

What Sets Us Apart?

  • Darjeeling is steeped in our Identi-Tea

    Mayukh has always pursued the importance of highlighting the famous Darjeeling tea beyond the cup. Our Team is rooted in Darjeeling and shares an intimate relationship with the Indian-Nepali tea-growing community.

  • We are aficionados of Authentici-Tea

    In a world where duplication is rampant, Mayukh believes in reaching out with only the most authentic Darjeeling Tea. To further the authenticity of our products and encourage our fellow tea cultivators to boost their economy,

  • We believe in our Communi-Tea

    We are driven by an emotional connection to tea and believe that it is through the shining of this jewel that the Queen of the Hills can truly gain her glory. Mayukh is well engaged with the folk of the hills and aims to promote the upliftment of this Hill Town and its traditions via the medium which made Darjeeling world-famous, the best quality Darjeeling teas.


  • This is a great tea shop. They have a large collection of Darjeeling tea. They also offer you to taste any of the Darjeeling tea of your choice. Sipping pure Darjeeling tea sitting at a Darjeeling shop just for Rs 50 is pure bliss.

    Ashique Firdoush
  • Tea from Mayukh are specially crafted and packaged. I found these Tea , soul satisfying! Daily I drink 5 cups of Mayukh Tea and it keeps me healthy and fit in this pandemic!

    Narayan Sharma
  • You guys brought me so much joy while my visit in Darjeeling. Mayukh is a place you can relax and enjoy a warm cup of tea. The people out there are very nice. Today I'm still enjoying the memorie while I'm drinking my Darjeeling tea here in Belgium. Thank you so much Mayukh. It was a great pleasure to meet you all .

    Sweety Matyn
  • The most cozy place in town! The place where you can zip a cup of fine tea and having a good conversation in the same time. ���

    Atitaya JJ Chai

Our Stores

Chowrasta Store

Address: Ajit mansion building , Nehru
Road, Chowrasta Mall, Darjeeling - 734101
Phone Number : 0354-4042865

Main Store

Address: 9/B Chowrasta Road,
Opposite Bank Of Baroda, Darjeeling - 734101
Phone Number: 0354-35060059

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