Are We Really Celebrating True Independence?

Aug 15 , 2020


Mayukh Tea

Are We Really Celebrating True Independence?

To Each His Own:  Celebrating the Freedom of Flavours and Individuality!

Independence Day is a Day to rejoice the victory of the citizens of the Nations.  It is a known fact that every individual in the world is unique.  For years we’ve been fighting the war of US vs. THEM: between clans, genders, communities, fan bases, flavours and on and on!

So although National Independence Days of all countries including the Indian Independence Day are all reasons to celebrate, wouldn’t true independence let us celebrate each other’s unique existence?

When the flavours of tea evolved from black tea to green tea to oolong tea to matcha tea and on and on, we as tea lovers accepted and enjoyed all the different types of tea for their own uniqueness. We love the strong Assam tea with milk, we love delicate Darjeeling teas, and with the advent of blended flavoured teas every tea drinking ceremony has become a new adventure!

Similarly, imagine how wonderful the world would be if we enjoyed all original and evolving unique attributes among us human beings and let everyone celebrate the freedom to add their own charm to the flavours of life!

Written by :- Simran Sharma

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