Darjeeling 2nd Flush Tea 2020 Update

Aug 10 , 2020


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Darjeeling 2nd Flush Tea 2020 Update

For the 2nd flush of 2020, we managed to procure the first plucking of the summer season. These are early second flush Darjeeling tea leaves and were super in quality and limited in production.

In the beginning of summer, Second Flush Darjeeling tea benefits from low weather and higher humidity. These conditions help the tea bushes maximize their flavour by concentrating the aromatic polyphenols, making the teas special.

Darjeeling second flush teas are more developed in flavour compared to the lighter first flushes. These are better selections for drinking Darjeeling tea with milk.


Some second flushes worth mentioning are the Moonlight 2nd flush from Turzum Tea Garden.  Named Moonlight by the Manager Mr. AK Jha, the tea is very delicate with soft flowery flavours. A fresh 2020 2nd flush manufacture, the tea has mellow hints of fruit similar to a light wine.

Another second flush Darjeeling tea that we enjoyed is the Singbuli 2nd flush.  We got this Darjeeling tea invoice from the first plucking of the Tingling section of Singbuli Tea Garden. The tea is very special with a flavour similar to honey and a finish of roses.

The final tea was our regular procurement from Lizahill B S Bari Section. Their 2020 Second flush Darjeeling tea is very special. The flavour of the liquor resonates with oranges with hints of pollen. The finish is the thick and pleasantly sticks to the back of your throat.

 The specialty of Darjeeling tea is that every tea is different even in the same flush. With the lockdown taking a toll on the first flush Darjeeling tea production, we are grateful that the manufacturers have put in so much effort into producing excellent quality 2nd flush Darjeeling teas in 2020.




  • 10 Aug 2020 Tanmoy Adhikari

    This tea is truly par excellence! It has unparalleled aromatic notes for Second Flush Darjeeling tea. Very mild body, as if its been crafted by an artisan. Truly amazing not to be missed.

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