With the increasing importance of sustainable practices in everyday life, the need to make the most efficient use of the resources we have is becoming crucial.

While we brew tea and sip on that delicious liquor on an everyday basis, we also leave behind a lot of used tea leaves that are thrown into the bin to ultimately decompose. But what if we told you that you could tap the very decomposition of those tea leaves and use it to create a thriving garden!

A DIY tea-leaf manure might sound trendy, it has been practiced in homes in the tea growing regions of Darjeeling and around for a long time now. All you need to do is add moisture-laden tea leaves to your composting pit, or manure mix and let it sit and react to form wholesome nutrients for your plants. Another easier way to incorporate tea into your fertilizing routine is to simply sprinkle the tea leaves around the bases of plants and voila! 

Saplings being planted into organic manure at a Tea Garden

Tea is a rich source of tannic acids and is especially beneficial to plants that thrive in acidic soil such as onions, beans, oak wood, azaleas etc. You can also use your acidic PH soil to achieve a beautiful a blue colour in flowers such as hydrangeas. Besides acting as excellent acidic manure, tea leaves are nitrogen-rich and work as the ‘green’ component in manure and counteract the ‘brown’ or carbon-rich material in compost, thus making a holistic nutrient feed for your garden!