Intrigued by the Earl Grey Tea? Here’s all you need to know

Dec 28 , 2022


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Intrigued by the Earl Grey Tea? Here’s all you need to know

Like many Colonial Exploits of South Asian Tea, Earl Grey also has roots in Britain. And as much as your Imagination may be ignited with the image of a grand old Earl who is solemn and grey, the actual meaning is quite the opposite. This rich black tea with a hint of acidity from the Bergamot has gained much popularity as an English Breakfast Tea.

what is earl grey tea? 

Earl Grey is a tea blend that combines orthodox black tea with the oil of bergamot. The attempt was perhaps to create a similar flavor profile of the Chinese Keemun. The bergamot rind oils uplift the flavor of earl grey tea and give it a  unique taste. It was initially meant to be served without milk, but now many companies endorse earl grey with milk or tea for stronger blends of tea such as Ceylon or Assam. 

History of Earl Grey Tea 

Evidence of using bergamot in tea has been dated to 1824. It was mainly done to enhance the flavour of low-quality teas. In 1837, companies were even charged for falsely representing their products as superior. 

What is GREY Earl tea good for?

Earl grey tea is full of antioxidants. These antioxidants support a healthy heart thus minimizing the risk of heart attacks, it also keeps high blood pressure in check, helps detoxify, and remove plaque build-up. 

Additional health benefits include: 

  • Bergamot is an ingredient of aromatherapy for treating anxiety and nausea.
  • Earl Grey tea can boost mental efficiency.
  • Vitamin C in Bergamot can fight viral infection

  • Is Earl Grey tea better for you than coffee?

    Coffee has a higher caffeine content than earl grey tea. So, it may not be suitable for regular consumption. Coffee is also dehydrating. But Earl Grey Tea has a high content of potassium, so it keeps moisture levels in the body balanced. However, excessive earl grey tea might not be ideal, as bergapten in Bergamot oil can block potassium channels. 

    Why is it called Earl Grey tea?

    Earl Grey Tea was named after Charles Grey, the 2nd Earl of Grey, an aristocrat in Britain. 

    Does Earl Grey tea make you sleepy?

    Earl grey tea can help to calm you down but it is not ideal for inducing sleep. You may want to try lighter teas such as Chamomile or Lavender for sleep. 

    What happens if I drink Earl Grey tea everyday?

    Excessive intake of bergamot can lead to reduced iron absorption, caffeine jitters, muscle cramps, insomnia etc. 

    Do you put milk in Earl Grey tea?

    Traditionally, Earl Grey tea was served with just a lemon wedge and some sugar. Nowadays, Earl Grey Tea is popularly consumed by most with milk in their tea. 

    What to pair with Earl Grey Tea?

    As an accompaniment to English Breakfasts, Earl Grey tea goes well with butter cookies, oatmeal cookies and cakes. Being brisk and bright, it can also help wash down cold-cut meats, fried food, and egg-based dishes. 

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