First Flush Darjeeling tea 2022

Mar 05 , 2022


Mayukh Tea

First Flush Darjeeling tea 2022

The Gregorian Calendar marks the beginning of the year in the middle of the cold Winter. However, most of the Eastern nations start the year with Spring and with the arrival of the season brings the First Flush Darjeeling tea; world’s finest and the most sought-after flowery flavour that a true connoisseur identifies and treasures.

Darjeeling’s First Flush also known as Spring tea has a unique earthy aftertaste on the tongue palate which has proved to produce innumerable health benefits. The magic also lies in the delicate plucking of the pekoe leaves. The hands that rock the cradle, plucks the excellent of the leaves with an utmost intricacy, the craft of which has been passed on through many generations.

Darjeeling, a town that has earned its title “Champagne of teas” is nestled at the foothills of Himalayas has almost 87 tea gardens. An esteemed botanist Dr John Dalton Hooker whose passion and mission landed him to Darjeeling and Sikkim was indecisive at first. The slopes of the hills and the humidity made Hooker sceptical about the future of the tea in Darjeeling. Thus the plantation of these teas are found at different glens at the outskirt of Darjeeling town. 

Why should you look forward to 2022’s First Flush Darjeeling Tea?

The two-year pandemic shook the world to its core but did wonders in terms of the global climatic change. For exotic tea like the First Flush that needs a proper climatic condition and moisture, these years proved fruitful. These hills and its tea bushes were covered white after a decade and as predicted by many tea aficionados, 2022’s First Flush will set a benchmark.

Why Mayukh?

Founded by the Son of the Soil, Mayukh, in Sanskrit means 'the first ray of light'. It believes and promises authenticity. Presenting love, hope and culture in its service, Mayukh stands in solidarity with the plantation workers as well as the planters whose vision has set Darjeeling on world map. 

Darjeeling’s tea is unmatched which may seem arcane to some but the mystery of which has always intrigued many. The reward of this wonder lies in first step

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