Here are the best tea boxes to gift the tea lover in your life

Dec 15 , 2022


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Here are the best tea boxes to gift the tea lover in your life

Whatever the season may be, A tea connoisseur always finds an excuse to drink their favorite tea. If you’re looking for a gift for your near and dear ones for the holiday season, we’ve got you covered.

Here are the best tea boxes that we’ve curated specially for you. Buy Tea Gift box sets online at the most affordable prices and directly from the source. Thematic tea blends. 

1. Christmas Gift Box

The cold December nip is in the air here in Darjeeling and we cannot wait for another snowy winter. As the chime of Jingle Bells rings closer, send a little warmth and a lot of holiday cheer to your loved ones with our limited Edition Christmas Special Gift Tea Box. Gift it to yourself or someone special in your life

2. Single Estate 3 In 1 Gift Pack 

Buy Darjeeling Tea Online straight from the Single Estate gardens. In this gift set we've put together the best of different varieties of tea right from the best tea gardens of Darjeeling. Here's what you can get:

i) Poobong First Flush - A light and flowery tea

ii) Giddapahar Muscatel Darjeeling tea - Sweet and tart, a true Darjeeling tea flavour

iii) Arya Emerald Green Tea - The best green tea with no bitterness and a sweetness that lingers

3. 3 in 1 Bamboo Box 

If you’re looking for an eco-friendly tea box, this bamboo box by Mayukh tea is perfect.  Made of durable eco-friendly paperboard. It comes as an assortment of 3 teas from every flush right from the tea gardens of Darjeeling: 

  • First Flush Darjeeling tea, plucked in the early Spring months.

  • Second Flush Darjeeling tea plucked through the Summer. 

  • Autumn Flush 2022 Darjeeling tea plucked for a short period before winter.

4. Connoisseur’s Edition Set of 3 Gift Box

The top-of-the-tier Darjeeling teas with the most extraordinary aroma and flavors, The Connoisseur's Edition consists of the first plucks of every flush. A favorite among the taste experts, these are exclusive and limited SFTGFOP1 grade tea leaves handled skillfully to bring out the intrinsic characteristics of the tea leaves for a complex brew of intricate aromas and a taste to remember. 

A luxurious option for hardcore tea connoisseurs, in this tea gift set you get: 

6.  Wellness Blend Set of 5 Gift Box

If you’re looking for some exciting and interesting variations of flavors, this wellness blend set is the one. It is perfect for the winter months during the holiday season. Exotic blends of the best quality 2nd flush teas and all-natural ingredients, the Wellness Blend collection is here to nourish your soul and body! This pack contains:
i) Tulsi Lemon Tea
ii) Chamomile Green Tea
iii) Red Wine Black Tea
iv) Mango Black
v) Turmeric Tea 

7. Queen’s Collection Set of 5 Gift Pack 

A fine range of teas from the Queen of hills Darjeeling at pocket-friendly prices, Queen's is a collection of the best FTGFOP grade tea leaves that exhibit the quintessential finesse of true Darjeeling tea. Crafted with aromatic teas.


1. What is a box of tea called?

Traditionally, a tea caddy in a box used to store or carry  tea was known as a tea box. The box could also be substituted with a canister, jar, tea chest or other receptacles. 

2. What are the things to remember when gifting tea?

Remember to buy fresh good quality tea. If you're buying flavored tea, keep in mind what kind of flavours the person enjoys. Remember to check for good vaccuum packaging. 


3. What to gift a person who loves tea?

While gifting the best loose-leaf tea straight from the  tea gardens would be ideal, sometimes you can also opt for tea accessories such as electric kettles, tea pots, tea strainers, infusers, timers, 

4. What does it mean to give tea as a gift?

Tea as a gift is a beautiful way to shower your loved ones with love and appreciation. It s a great way to show gratitude, or to let someone know that you are thinking of someone. It can also be personalized in tea boxed according to their favorite ingredients.

5. What to put in a tea gift basket

Want  to curate a special tea gift hamper of your own. Here are some items that you can add to your box: 
  • Assorted tea bags 
  • Tea infuser
  • Biscuits
  • Loose Leaf Tea 
  • Tisanes 
  • Sugar spoons 
  • Teacups

Shop Tea Boxes and Tea Online

If you're unsure of where to begin, you can rely on us. Shop teaboxes online across India and Internationally with Mayukh Tea and enjoy timely shipping of quality tea straight from Darjeeling!



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