Mayukh Tea offers 30% OFF on every tea on this International Women's Day

Mar 08 , 2021


Mayukh Tea

Mayukh Tea offers 30% OFF on every tea on this International Women's Day

Needless to say that women have a potential role in building society. Although, the modern scenario is way better than the previous state of civilization. Women are getting their deserved respect as well as equalization in every aspect. Developing the system of women’s progress accelerates economic and social growth. Celebrating Women’s Day shouldn’t be a stigma, rather it should be the promoter of empowerment. 

In modern-day advancement, women are performing with their utmost effort to shine and as a result, we can see the enhancement in every sector. Unlike many agricultural industries, tea gardens rely on the women laborer. The ratio of the women laborer in the gardens is much higher than that of the men. Mayukh Tea respects their women workers who tirelessly perform their duty.

Darjeeling Tea is one of the most popular teas around the world. The flavor and aroma astonish every tea lover. Hence, the process to prepare such an ecstatic variant is also indicating. The primal part of plucking the leaves is the process of adeptness. It takes a lot of patience and efficiency and known to all this skilled work is done by women. There is a magical touch of a mother on every woman. This certain feature can be seen with the efficiency of their method of plucking the tea leaves. The act seems like a mother nourishes her beloved child with tenderness. The soft-touch of the gentleness cannot get from any other than a woman!

The hard work of plucking the leaves for hours and hours and then carrying them to the factory- they accept all with a smile. Mayukh Tea salutes the indomitable spirit of those iron ladies and pays gratitude with honor. Keeping this in mind, on this beautiful Women’s Day 2021, Mayukh Tea offers a great deal of 30% OFF on all teas. Get this amazing offer and celebrate this Women’s Day with the lady of your life with Mayukh Tea. HAPPY WOMEN’S DAY!!!

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