Stay Home, Stay Safe, Stay Happy with these simple quarantine activities!

Jun 24 , 2020


Mayukh Tea

Stay Home, Stay Safe, Stay Happy with these simple quarantine activities!

Staying in at home can be quite a challenge, especially in this era where we've been taught that 'the world is out there'!

 We've become so accustomed to pursuing life on the fast lane, that we've forgotten to appreciate this space called home we've created and left as an after thought.

 Productivity we've learnt only as a means of survival and keeping up with society. Therefore, we've taken a break even from productivity because it seems purposeless.

 But now as we've reclined into our spaces, maybe its time to understand that all this while 'the world was actually in here'!

 In this world where we've been taught to produce, contribute, grow continually, the stagnation can take a toll on our mental well being. 

Here's how we've been taking baby steps to produce, contribute, and grow as we get through this Pandemic:  

1. Produce: food from scratch with pantry supplies such as fresh bread, tea cakes, pickles! The multiple processes can get the entire family involved in a day-long fun activity! 

2. Contribute: Help around in small household chores, wipe the windows, or do a complete wardrobe makeover! The most mundane activities like decluttering our closet can actually help us declutter our minds too! 


3. Grow: Starting a small kitchen garden can not only be a fun activity but also make us a little food secure during these trying times of the  corona! Start with simple micro herbs like mint, coriander, fenugreek!  Watching something grow from a seed can help us reinforce the hope in the wonder life and to hold on while this storm passes!




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