Studies Reveal That White Tea Could Possibly Prevent Cancer

Jun 24 , 2020


Mayukh Tea

Studies Reveal That White Tea Could Possibly Prevent Cancer

Drinking tea has always been speculated to have its pros and cons on health and lifestyle. Regular tea consumers have over the years proven to possess better metabolism and immunity.

In  a recent turn if events, A study by the Oregon State University have published that the highest levels of cancer preventing compounds are found in white tea. They cite that drinking tea regularly could potentially prevent colon and gastric cancer.  

In a laboratory test to determine white tea’s affect on cancer, It was studied that white tea could work on metabolism and potentially block some cancerous effects. Tea also has no side effects as compared to regular NSAIDs used for cancer treatment.

White tea is produced from the same Camellia sinensis leaves as other teas. However, they undergo the least amount of processing and retrieve all the antioxidant polyphenols in the leaf. These antioxidants, besides protecting the cells from damage by free radical compounds could also potentially prevent cancer.

According to a journal published in the Cancer Prevention Research, white tea extract was found to cause the cell death of a lung cancer cell, potentially citing that white tea may have anti-cancer effects.

As the path towards cancer eradication grows tea could form a significant agent in ushering change.

On World Cancer Day, Let us hope that the breakthrough is soon achieved for cancer elimination from the world.  


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