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Mayukh started off in 2007 in the heart of Darjeeling town itself. Our idea was to create a cozy corner where people could not only buy the freshest tea straight from the gardens, but experience and understand the history, chemistry, and culture behind Darjeeling tea. The Mayukh website is our effort to open up this cozy corner a little bit more to welcome you into the world of authentic Darjeeling tea and its people.

Sugar in your Tea sounds as easy as ABC, But Here's Why Drinking tea without sugar can be a Boon for You!

Sugar in your Tea sounds as easy as ABC,  But Here's Why Drinking tea without sugar can be a Boon for You!

Sugar is present in most of our favourite foods and drinks that we consume daily. This sweet component is harmful for the body but majority of the people are indifferent about its effects on their health due to unawareness. Many food scientists consider sugar to be a white poison which has no nutritional value and works like many addictive drugs (e.g. Cocaine). Diabetic or not, cutting down on the intake of sugar is absolutely necessary. What sugar does to our body:

  1. Accelerates aging
  2. Promotes growth of acne and pimples
  3. Can cause cancer, especially breast and colon cancer
  4. Increases the risk of heart disease
  5. Immunity is reduced
  6. High sugar in the diet can lead to chromium deficiency
  7. Causes tooth decay and gum diseases
  8. Leads to fatty liver and diabetes
  9. Increases weight
  10. Enhances stress while reducing cognition

Drinking tea helps the body to fight these harmful effects of sugar. It is proven that people who drink plain tea are more fit and younger looking than the ones who take sugared tea. But most people prefer their tea sweetened for better taste. A cup of freshly brewed tea has zero calories and various health benefits, but adding sugar to it takes away all its goodness.

Darjeeling tea is considered as the champagne of teas because of its unique taste and aroma. The teas are so flavorful that even the black tea goes well without adding sugar or any other condiments. If Darjeeling black tea is still bitter for one’s taste, then one can have oolong tea, green tea or white tea, or even flavored teas blended with natural flowers, spices, fruits, etc.

SUGAR-FREE cups of tea a day, keep all the health problems away!

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