The Aroma of Care

Dec 30 , 2020


Mayukh Tea

The Aroma of Care

Did you know that Tea is the second most consumed beverage in the world after

water? And why not? The amazing gift of nature has blessed us with its fascinating essence
and flavor. Consuming a fine cup of exclusive Darjeeling Tea not only clears your mind and
soul but also helps your body from many aspects. Moreover, tea is such a drink that very
few people can refuse an offer of it.
A hot cup of fine blended Darjeeling Tea on a wintery morning would make your day.
Honestly, there is no other drink better than tea on cold days… Somehow we enjoy winter
with festivals, gatherings, outings, and many more things to do. But, we should keep in our
mind that winter gives us some trouble as well. Getting sick by cold is inevitably a major
botheration. But why worry when we have the various Darjeeling Teas like Chamomile,
Hibiscus, Oolong, Green Teas and so many to protect us from getting ill. Drinking a cup of
Chamomile Tea before bed would help to ease your sickness with the antioxidants on it.
Making your body to function correctly and fights the germinations. It is more like a warm
bath to your body from inside.
Influenza virus (Flu) and Rhinovirus (common cold) spread easily in winters, for they
thrive in low humidity, cold environments. Hence, in winters due to the lack of sunlight, it
becomes a bit difficult for our body to generate melatonin as well as the chilly weather
creates hindrances to our hair and mucus of the nose to prevent germs. Furthermore, the
freezing climate is a reason for joint pains and aches. But mother-nature in an obvious
manner has blessed us with natural remedies and teas are one of those.
Let’s have a look into the various effects of different teas on your body in winter.
Chamomile Tea Benefits: One of the healthiest tea Chamomile helps you to fight the
problems of stomach. In winter, we generally hype the mood of celebration and tend to
consume unhealthy foods. This causes many troubles like diarrhea, aches, etc. Consuming
Chamomile Tea prevents these problems and also gives you better sleep. It contains
apigenin, which is an antioxidant that eventually promotes sleepiness and reduces
Oolong Tea Benefits: Worried about the gained weight in winter??? Relax and drink
Oolong tea and forget about obesity. The amazing function of Oolong tea helps to boost
the metabolism and helps to lose weight healthily. Moreover, it has many other
advantages like it lowers cholesterol, improves hair and skin condition, promotes
healthy digestion as well as most importantly it improves mental state.
A cup of Hibiscus Tea: Filled with antioxidants, Hibiscus Tea generates a powerful
function to lower blood pressure level and reduces fats in the blood cells. Also, it
helps to make your liver healthy and prevents some types of cancer cells as well.

Drinking Lemon Tea: Helps you to get rid of nausea, unwanted headaches, coldness,
and many more. Especially, a cup of lemon tea also improves immunity.
There are many other variants of Darjeeling Tea and every kind has its certain feature of
Darjeeling Tea is considered one of the best-produced teas in the world. The aroma
reminds us of the flavors of nirvana. Every tea enthusiast as we call eagerly awaits to get
the flavor of the tea of bliss. Mayukh Tea with the utmost care and dexterity
manufactures the best quality Darjeeling Tea to serve a pound of happiness into
your teapot. Since an oath has been taken to provide the finest cup of tea, Mayukh Tea
never compromises with the quality and the element.
Hence, it is a deep fact that teas are the best remedies for any sort of uneasiness during
winter and even summer too. As the winter has already stepped our premise, be prepared
with a hot teapot and teacups of fresh Darjeeling Tea to stop the unwanted troubles of
winter, rather enjoy every sip of it sitting in front of a windowpane and watching the

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