The Welcome Sip

Jan 05 , 2021


Mayukh Tea

The Welcome Sip

Happy New Year folks!

The much-expected era of 2021 has arrived at us with new hopes and desires. From all around the world, people celebrated the New Year with joy and happiness, sorted out the eve in different ways. Varying from nations to regions, everyone enjoyed the day either drinking alcohol or having the traditional food to greet the New Year. 

Celebrating the New Year can be very gentle with a cup of excellent Darjeeling Tea. The true aroma of freshly plucked teas from the beautiful gardens of Darjeeling would be a perfect choice for a healthy year ahead. From a cup of strong Black Tea to a smooth Oolong Tea, a cup of tea is way more classic than anything.

The wintery welcome of the New Year brings the chilly weather and also new hope to cultivate the time with new aspirations to accomplish. Similarly, Mayukh Tea has also visioned a new view of the satisfaction of their customers. Maintaining the uncompromising quality of the tea and providing a blissful cup to you is the priority. 

We all have many expectations from this New Year 2021 as we all have from a cup of Darjeeling Tea when it is being served. Some may prefer a strong one and on the other hand, some may wish for a mild one. Depending on the taste, Mayukh Tea offers a variety of Darjeeling Tea. From the First Flush to Second Flush and many other variations of teas are prepared exclusively for you to flourish in this year with a sip of it. 

It is not something usual to enjoy a New Year with a cup of Darjeeling Tea but also it is something very very special though! Welcoming 2021 with the hope of good health and peace of mind isn’t a sign of prosperity? 

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