Three Ways To Say “I Love You” to your Tea-Loving Valentine!

1. With A Bouquet Of Roses

The sweet Valentine pair of Chocolates and Roses is always foolproof! Romance your tea lover with the ultimate bouquet: An indulgent pair of chocolaty Darjeeling tea with velvety rose petals!


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2. With Some Red Wine Tea!

Nothing sings Valentines day better than a good wine and dine! Dine with your lover with only the finest Darjeeling tea with a sensuously wicked twist of red wine!  A fine choice of a drink that cheers but never intoxicates! 

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3. With A Goodnight’s Kiss

Is there anything sweeter than a good night’s kiss on Valentines' day ? Not just an ordinary kiss, this one will lull your valentine to sweet slumber with the calming goodness of chamomiles, roses, and Darjeeling white tea. The perfect way to say “I Care”! 



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