• Piyali Roy

The biggest enemies of teas are Air (oxygen) and Moisture. The freshness of teas decreases with time since oxidation in teas still goes on after their production especially when they are exposed to these enemies. This is the reason why the proper Packaging of Teas needs to be done using the most efficient and best packaging materials.

Laminated Aluminium Foil is considered to be one of the best packaging materials for teas as they provide a high barrier against oxygen and moisture while keeping the essential aroma and flavours of the teas preserved. They are made by combining a web or sheet of Aluminium foil with one or more other material, such as paper and plastic films, using Plastic Extrusion bonding. However, the packaging needs to be such that no air is present inside the packets in the first place or else the air inside will decline the freshness and aroma of the Teas during their storage and transportation to the customers. Thus, Vacuum Packing is very important for Teas as these degrading factors are dealt with and the customers can get the best quality products.

Almost all of Mayukh Teas are packed in Laminated Aluminium Foils using the Vacuum Packing method in which all the air is removed from the packets before sealing. After this primary packaging, the packets are put inside secondary packets which have been tried to keep in sync with the environment using carton boxes, jute boxes, tin cans or traditional cloth bags. The traditional bags are hand-made by the local Self-help Community of empowered and talented women. This provides employment to the local women and promotes ethnic and traditional arts and crafts. Mayukh feels proud to deliver teas of uncompromised quality backed by a sense of fulfilment towards the societal duties.

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