Green tea with dried ginger roots


Shards of dried ginger roots in a shade of ivory along with tautly rolled dark green tea leaves with a pleasant sweet ginger note and a cozy undertone of nutmeg-spiked Oakwood.


Green tea leaves soften and open up in a glossy stew-green hue while ginger roots appear as soft beige-coloured chunks with the pungency of ginger and tingly notes of peppercorn subdued by a lemony citrus note.


Creamy and clean liquor in a shiny beige colour breathes out gentle floral whiffs of sweet ginger flowers with pleasant warmth of spicy nutmeg and grips with a heady body of sweet aromatic dry ginger that captures the throat in a warm tingly sensation, while fresh vegetal softness of green tea briskly cleanses the palette.


Steeping Info

For a perfect Cup of Tea:

Take 1 cup of water (180 ml).

Heat it to 80-85°C.

Put 1 tea bag in the water.

Steep the leaves for 3-4 minutes.

Health Benefits

Dietary fiber in ginger fights digestive irregularities

Ginger green tea relieves dizziness and nausea

Its antiseptic properties keep viral infections away

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