Mayukh obtains Teas strictly from the best sections of 30+ Darjeeling tea Estates producing the best quality Teas.

First flush is the first batch of tea of the year harvested in the spring season. There are 3 different flushes, namely, First flush /Spring season, Second flush/Summer season and Autumn flush /Autumn season.

The First flush Teas have a light colour and delicate floral taste.

The Second flush Teas produce rich colour and stronger fruity flavour.

The Autumn flush Teas are distinct from the first two flushes, having a delightful flowery strong-bodied flavour.

Teas do not have an expiration date but their freshness declines with time. It is advised that the Teas should be used within 2 years from the Mfd.

It is advised not to re-heat already brewed teas as the flavours deteriorate after several hours.

Almost all of Mayukh Teas are packed in Laminated Aluminium Foils using the Vacuum Packing method in which all the air is removed from the packets before sealing.

Teas should be stored in a cool and dark place in an air-tight container.

Yes, samples of different teas (2.5 grams each) can be purchased. Kindly check the Featured List.

Yes, all the ingredients used in Mayukh Teas are purely natural (Except Red wine and Earl Grey Black teas which use liquid essence).

Second flush Teas are used in the Wellness Blend teas.

For a perfect cup of Darjeeling leaf Tea, take 2.5g (1 Teaspoon) of tea leaves and add 200 ml. of boiled water at a temperature of 90-95, cover the cup and let it brew for 3-5 minutes.