Green tea with kahwa spices (cardamom, saffron, cinnamon and cloves)

Our Kashmiri Kahwa is a result of careful blending of quality Kahwa ingredients that include Saffron, cinnamon, cardamom, and cloves. These spices have delved into premium Darjeeling green tea to brew a Himalayan medley of flavours, enriched by antioxidants and immunity boosters.


Dark and twisty green tea leaves with delicate wires of saffron, crushed cardamom, cloves, and cinnamon bask in nooks of anise aromas, spicy cloves and cardamom with sweet woody warmth of cinnamon.


Green unfurled leaves with the bark of cinnamon and husk of cardamom and cloves engulf with a warm nectarine sweetness of saffron and cinnamon tossed with earthy-sweet floral notes of roses and drizzled with a dash of piquant cardamom.


A Saffron liqueur redolent with floral sweetness of roses, saffron with and a baked undertone of warm cinnamon enfolds with complex saccharine notes of honey and saffron while a woody sweet note of cinnamon reverberates on deeper levels and a cool spicy cardamom hits the palette to introduce brisk freshness, all while fragrant flowery notes of saffron, and roses float to lend subtlety to the intense body of spices.


Steeping Info

For a perfect Cup of Tea:

Take 1 cup of water (200 ml).

Heat it to 80-85°C.

Put 1 teaspoon (2.5g) of tea leaves in the water.

Steep the leaves for 3-4 minutes.

Health Benefits

Saffron which is rich in Vitamin B12 strengthens immunity

Kashmiri Kahwa cleanses the digestive system

Generates body heat and acts as a remedy for cold

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