The neatly twisted leaves exudes a spicy warmth of carnations and encases a full bodied juicy muscatel flavour of red berries and plums that melts into an elaborate luxury of malt to reiterate a refreshing endlessness of tart peaches.


Neatly twisted mahogany leaves with soft fleece-like golden tips exude the aroma of woody and musky carnation blooms.


Bright copper infusion of slender two leaves with purplish-red buds and inter-nodes spill a juicy sweet aroma of malt and plums with spicy floral intonations of carnations.


Shiny carrot orange liquor grips the senses with the floral nectar of honeysuckle while the succulent flavours of plums and red berries paint the palette with a thick lacquer of chocolates and a tingly sensation of peaches that summons an astringent and long lasting finish.


Steeping Info

For a perfect Cup of Tea:

Take 1 cup of water (200 ml).

Heat it to 90-95°C.

Put 1 teaspoon (2.5g) of tea leaves in the water.

Steep the leaves for 3-5 minutes.

About The Garden


Turzum, Tibetan for 'the place where mushrooms grow abundantly', is nestled between Mirik and Darjeeling in the Rangbhang Valley. Located at an elevation of 4700 feet above sea level, the garden was established in 1863 by British and Scottish planters. Since then, the 275 hectares of this garden has stood out for its exceptional quality in high elevation Darjeeling teas. Bio-organic since 2007, the garden is majorly west and southwest facing and contains nearly 80% of China cultivars. During 1934 the nearby Sungma Factory was devastated by a massive earthquake & merged with Turzum. In 1993 Turzum found shelter under the umbrella of M/S Jayshree Tea & Industries Ltd. Today, the two sister gardens share a single processing unit at Turzum and since 2009 clonal teas are exclusively marketed under the name of 'Turzum'.

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