What Sets Us Apart?

Darjeeling is steeped in our Identi-Tea

Mayukh has always pursued the importance of highlighting the famous Darjeeling tea beyond the cup. Our Team is rooted in Darjeeling and shares an intimate relationship with the Indian-Nepali tea-growing community.
We believe that our community where the bushes grow and are nurtured deserves to be as renowned as our tea. A symbol that defines Nepalis all over the world is 'Dhaka', our traditional cloth. We have channelized that symbol via our unique, “Dhaka and jute” eco-friendly packaging. We work closely with Earth and Home, a our social enterprise and design studio that deals in sustainable product design and packaging from Darjeeling.   


We are aficionados of Authentici-Tea

In a world where duplication is rampant, Mayukh believes in reaching out with only the most authentic Darjeeling Tea. To further the authenticity of our products and encourage our fellow tea cultivators to boost their economy, we also procure some locally grown crops for our wellness teas like lemongrass from Tukvar, Ginger from Takdah, and oranges from Teesta Valley.


We offer you a sip of only the best Quali-Tea

Mayukh houses a close-knit team of tea experts that thoroughly examines and individually tastes every invoice of tea prior to being presented to you. We try to stay in-tune with the natural growth of tea bushes and select harvests that have been plucked sensitively without hampering the bushes or the surrounding environment.
We procure our tea freshly made straight from the gardens and make sure to immediately seal them in our special vacuum sealing packs prior to shipping. 


Ours is a Brew of Hones-Tea

Mayukh is home to a team that has grown up amongst tea gardens. We pride ourselves in working with only ethical tea gardeners and honest managers who nurture and look after their tea communities. We proudly propagate our local culture while aligning with the international standards of tea. We love sharing our culture with the world and forming friendships for a lifetime.
Our members at Mayukh are constantly studying the changes in Global climatic conditions to understand how it affects the growth of Darjeeling tea and to minimize the threats of climate change on our beloved hills.


We believe in our Communi-Tea

We are driven by an emotional connection to tea and believe that it is through the shining of this jewel that the Queen of the Hills can truly gain her glory. Mayukh is well engaged with the folk of the hills and aims to promote the upliftment of this Hill Town and its traditions via the medium which made Darjeeling world-famous, the best quality Darjeeling teas.   
The founder of Mayukh, Mr. Rupesh Pradhan has kindly sponsored the education of girls from neighboring tea gardens. As a fellow Rotarian of the Rotary Club of Darjeeling, he also participates in many service activities of the club like blood donation camps, free medical drives at tea gardens, and career counseling events to uplift the youth of Darjeeling.


You can Taste our Tea with us too!

Mayukh is committed to transparency. We are a tea boutique in Darjeeling that holds professional tea tasting sessions where we interactively share our knowledge of the array of teas that our guests taste and leave the final verdict of quality and taste to them.