About us

Mayukh | Unmistakably Darjeeling

In the undulating hills where the charming steam engine toots through the mist, and piping hot thukpa and momo are served in the alleyways, our little town of Darjeeling, famous for many cups of steaming hot tea, resides. But like these hills, the journey of the steaming hot tea to those cups succumbs to many undulations. Mayukh, in Sanskrit means 'the first ray of light', is our hope for a new dawn in the world of Darjeeling tea.


Our Story

Mayukh started off in 2007 in the heart of Darjeeling town itself. Our idea was to create a cozy corner where people could not only buy the freshest tea straight from the gardens, but experience and understand the history, chemistry, and culture behind Darjeeling tea.

The Mayukh website is our effort to open up this cozy corner a little bit more to welcome you into the world of authentic Darjeeling tea and its people.


Hear it from the Founder

I have grown up playing around the tea bushes of Singtom tea estate and witnessed my community toil endlessly to pluck those bushes. My family moved from Singtom to Darjeeling in the hope of a better enterprise. But, the tea bushes somehow ushered me back to my roots and in 2007, Mayukh was born. Mayukh is my firstborn and I also hope for it to be a new ray of light in the tea trading industry that sustains so many of my fellow community members 
- Mr. Rupesh Pradhan, Founder of Mayukh.

In the past, becoming a successful tea trader was an unconquerable dream for Darjeeling commoners. Mr. Rupesh Pradhan is the new dawn in himself who broke that stereotype. Belonging to the working-class family of tea garden labourers in Singtam tea garden, he relentlessly worked hard to venture into tea beyond the plucking and embrace it as a business.