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Belongs to the species of Compositae, Chamomile Green Tea is one of the ancient medicinal plants in the world. This rare species has two major variations, namely the German and the Roman Chamomile. The abundant presence of terpenoids and flavonoids makes this herb a valuable aspect of natural medicine. Harvested with care, Chamomile Green Tea is also one of the most desired teas among tea enthusiasts.


The aroma of the freshness of Chamomile Green Tea differs from the other variants. The presence of a strong and soothing fragrance will satisfy your mind. The name is well-earned as it defines the relaxing and expressive flavors.



It has a very sweet tipsy aroma with a light and earthy flavor. The daisy white flower fragrance of the dried leaves of Chamomile is usually amalgamated with green tea leaves.



The Chamomile Green Tea gets a liquor of light yellow in color and a flavor of rosemary flower. The medium-sized green leaves are yellow flowers that are long and offer a flavor of silver rosemary leaves also. This floral tea is sweeter and offers calmness and a refreshing state. Also, it has a vegetal aroma and a coloration of mint.





Health Benefits

Treats Diabetes: Maybe Chamomile Green Tea is not a feasible substitute of the medications of Diabetes but the consumption can help to assist the ongoing treatments. It reduces the level of blood sugar in diabetic patients.

Reduces Menstrual Pain: A study in 2010 proved that drinking Chamomile Green Tea for a month can reduce menstrual pain and also helps women to get over mental anxiety during the period.

Prevent Cancer Cells: Chamomile Green Tea has the strength to destroy cancer cells. According to the proven studies, it targets the cancer cells and helps to reduce the tumor.

Helps in Relaxation: Consuming Chamomile Green Tea helps to cure insomnia. Drink it before bed and it will give you a very good sleep. Also, it can fix the common cold that makes you ill.

Cures the Skin Problems: People with mild skin problems can be treated with this potion. Chamomile Green Tea can treat eczema and other mild skin issues up to some extent.

Prevents Osteoporosis: Osteoporosis is a major disease that increases the loss of bone density. Due to estrogen, the disease develops and Chamomile Green Tea contains anti-estrogen components that help to increase bone density.

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