All you need to know before buying a Cast Iron Kettle

Nov 12 , 2022


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All you need to know before buying a Cast Iron Kettle

Winter is catching up on us. Soon it’ll be time to cuddle up and enjoy a warm cup of tea all over again. If you’re a tea lover, you must also take your teaware quite seriously. And quite naturally, a reliable teapot is pertinent to a tea session. Cast iron kettles work like a charm, especially for Darjeeling Tea. 

So, if you’re considering investing in one, this guide can help you clear your doubts and decide. Here’s everything you need to know: 

Are cast iron kettles good?

Cast iron kettles have been used since ancient times for their superior heat retention. The material is free of harmful toxins and safe for boiling water and brewing tea. Like stainless steel teapots, cast iron kettles heat water fast and maintain the heat for a long duration. They work especially well for tea by distributing even heat to the tea leaves and developing flavours throughout the pot.  

What are iron kettles?

A cast iron kettle is a kitchen appliance for boiling water for tea and other beverages. Cast iron is a durable metal that can easily withstand high levels of heat and keep them warm.

What is a cast iron kettle called?

These kettles known as Tetsubin have been in use in Japan for centuries, traditionally used for Japanese Tea Ceremonies. Iron kettle tea can taste especially complex because of the interaction of minerals. 

What were cast iron kettles used for?

Copper or brass was in prominence until the 19th century for kettles. After the cast iron technology improved, cast iron kettles started to be made. These hollow-ware items are ideal for open wood fires and also coal-burning stoves.

Can you drink water from a cast iron kettle?

Cast iron kettles are not lacquered or enameled and you can drink water from the iron kettle safely. 

Are cast iron teapots worth it?

Yes! Here are three reasons why you should invest in an iron kettle:

  • Cast iron kettles help save energy by heating your liquids faster and retaining heat for a prolonged period
  • Provided even heat to tea and there is no hassle of reheating your tea
  • Not only can they become a trusted utensil in your kitchen, but their antique aesthetic can make for a beautiful eye-piece in your home! 

 Best Cast Iron Kettles & Teapots: 

This Iron Kettle

A rustic beauty, this cast-iron kettle is sure to start many stories great whenever your guests come over. 

Not a fan of Cast Iron? Here are some other teapots that work equally well! 

This A Porcelain Teapot 

An elegant teapot lacquered with gold floral accents and set with a stainless steel infuser for a Classic tea-drinking experience. Royally serve delicious steaming hot tea with this elegant-looking Kettle.

Transparent Glass Teapot with Infuser

An urban and chic glass kettle set with an infuser for a holistic tea brewing experience. 

Terracotta Tea Pot

For those that take their tea ritual seriously, this solitary brown teapot lends a rustic experience. Engraved with letters, this teapot also forms a unique addition to your living room décor.    

Antique Teaware

A truly unique find, this turquoise lapis studded teaware is made of hardened amber resin and can light any corner of your home in mystical warmth. This piece is a must-have item for Tea lovers.   


Enamel Teapot 

Vintage enamel teapot in white with floral motifs and stainless steel handle

Copper Teapot

Vintage copper teapot engraved with auspicious Buddhist motifs               

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