Everything You Need To Know About Benefits of Darjeeling Tea

Aug 30 , 2022


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Everything You Need To Know About Benefits of Darjeeling Tea

Darjeeling tea is a Geographically-marked niche beverage from the Eastern Himalayan region of Darjeeling and Dooars in India. This product has gained much popularity since time immemorial because of its fine flavour, colour, and aroma. Unlike the CTC Black tea, Darjeeling tea benefits from an exclusive terroir, careful harvesting, and refined manufacturing processes, which minimally tampers the black tea leaves. All these factors make Darjeeling tea useful in many aspects.


Here are the top benefits of Darjeeling tea 

According to some citations, Antioxidant polyphenols in pure Darjeeling tea could promote immunity by forming receptors that allow the binding of free radicals and initiate an immune response. L-theanine and theophylline in Darjeeling tea have been studied to promote alertness and increase efficiency, while also keeping one calmer than having consumed coffee. 


Boosts the Immune System 


Darjeeling tea contains anti-oxidants that can help support the immune system. These natural antioxidant properties can aid cell anti-aging and promote healthy skin. Such beneficial compounds in Darjeeling tea may also help in strengthening bones. 


Improves Metabolism & Overall Physical Health


Organic Darjeeling black tea may be beneficial for you if you're trying to increase your metabolism for more energy or even to lose weight. A healthy metabolism can keep the risk of cardiovascular diseases at bay, and help prevent the risk of heart disease, and even cancer.


Darjeeling Tea Helps with Digestion


Darjeeling tea can help with the detoxification of the digestive system. Darjeeling green tea relieves bloating and aids digestion. Phytosterols can also counteract bad cholesterol. 


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This Tea Aids Relaxation of the Mind and Body 


The subtle and unique fragrance of Darjeeling tea is soothing and beneficial to ease fatigue. Preparing Darjeeling tea is a practice in mindfulness that helps you relax and feel grounded. It is not just a habit, but a passionate ritual.


Here are some questions you may have about Darjeeling tea and it's benefits


Is Darjeeling tea anti-inflammatory?


Darjeeling tea is minimally processed and replete with anti-oxidants that enhance their anti-inflammatory properties which can alleviate body aches and improves immunity. 


Is Darjeeling tea good for constipation?


The warmth of Darjeeling tea can aid you in soothing constipation symptoms and other digestive issues; it also helps regulate bowel movement and stimulates digestion. 


Is Darjeeling tea high in caffeine?


The caffeine content of around 120 mg, on the mid-to-lower end benefits Darjeeling tea, if we compare the caffeine level in different beverages. 


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When should I drink Darjeeling tea?


Any time of the day is perfect for a cup of Darjeeling’s special tea. But, here’s a general pattern that you can follow to reap the best benefits of drinking Darjiling tea:

  • Darjeeling black tea can be consumed after breakfast or with it. 
  • Oolong tea is also strong and perfect for mid-morning brunches 
  • You can opt for light Darjeeling Green tea bags during afternoons, as it is beneficial for digesting a heavy lunch. 
  • Ideally, White tea from Darjeeling is a good option for late evenings as it contains minimal caffeine. 

Does Darjeeling tea help you sleep?


Darjeeling tea may improve your overall metabolism, thus helping your body regulate its digestive functions, and ultimately aid sleep. Varieties of Darjeeling white tea are minimally processed and may help in relaxation and sleep. 


Can I drink Darjeeling tea every day?


Although Darjeeling tea has lesser content of caffeine compared to coffee, it is still recommended that one or two cups of Darjeeling tea is beneficial for the body without the adverse effects of caffeine. 


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